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Advanced Insulation is proud to provide innovative and effective solutions for customers; “better products for challenging situations”.

Design Engineering

Advanced Insulation has a highly competent design engineering team, who can find an effective, innovative material solution for the most challenging of projects, whilst maintaining high quality and performance.  Advanced Insulation use CAD modelling software, finite element analysis and lab and testing facilities to achieve the best in product and material performance.  Full client consultation and support is provided throughout the design and engineering processes.


Advanced Insulation believes that research & development and innovation is needed to provide sustainable growth.  Up to 10% of revenue is invested into research and development of new products with the company mission statement being to bring one new product to market for our customers each year.  In addition, sales staff are trained to apply developed innovative products to different applications within the global market to create new opportunities.  A firm foundation for future growth and investment for a sustainable future, along with a keen discipline of listening to our customer’s specific requirements, makes Advanced Insulation stand out from competition.

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