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Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe with Advanced Insulation

Advanced Insulation take health and safety seriously and have rolled out a “Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe” campaign throughout the organisation to prioritise the safety of each person with the ultimate aim of everyone going home safely every day, free from injury or ill health. The campaign empowers all employees in taking personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and others, leading by example and achieving zero accidents.

OHSAS18001:2007  is an internationally applied British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems. It is a widely recognised and popular occupational health and safety management system which Advanced Insulation are accredited to.


Advanced Insulation ensure product quality is kept high at all manufacturing sites across the globe and meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015.

Maintaining exceptional quality standards is of particular concern for offshore oil and gas facilities which are often situated in harsh environmental conditions. It is essential that the quality of our products are consistently high and engineered as specified for performance requirements. To mitigate such risks on-site workers and QA labs carry out rigorous testing schedules to ensure quality of installed product has the highest stability and integrity. Prior to application of all materials- particularly for topside PFP materials, scrupulous tests are carried out to measure temperature, humidity and dew point for optimum conditions. Each batch that is formulated on-site is sampled and shipped to the QA labs in Gloucester for testing such as viscosity, density and tactility. Once the materials are applied, further tests and checks are carried out to ensure the correct curing process has occurred, and the material is the correct hardness and thickness.


Advanced Insulation has adopted a management system that meets the requirements of ISO14001:2015.

Advanced Insulation have assessed and evaluated the environmental impact and risks arising out of our operations, in order to protect the environment and provide the necessary resource to ensure controls are maintained to prevent pollution. A programme of management improvement plans have been developed that ensures continual improvement of the company’s performance by reducing waste within the business, conserving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. To achieve this, Advanced Insulation fully assesses all operations and determines controls necessary to reduce risk, ensures employees are properly trained and equipment and buildings are adequately serviced and maintained.

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