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Advanced Insulation Acquires C.TAG/® Anti-biofouling Markers

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Advanced Insulation has acquired the exclusive right to manufacture and supply C.TAG/® Anti-biofouling Markers.

The opportunity to acquire this industry leading brand will enable Advanced Insulation to expand the C.TAG/® product range to meet growing demands for markers which can be used for a wider range of product applications where anti-biofouling is a key feature required by the end user. Advanced Insulation has a skilled in-house production department and a dedicated research and development team who are collaborating to develop C.TAG/® technology to accommodate a wider application range.

Traditionally Advanced Insulation has sold C.TAG/® markers through a distribution arrangement, predominately to the Oil and Gas and Marine industries. However, the company will now also offer its own manufactured C.TAG/® markers for applications within a wide range of other industries including aquaculture, ports and harbours, offshore rigs, offshore equipment manufacture, subsea structure manufacture, inland waterways, diving areas and any other places where humans interact with water.

The C.TAG/® range of subsea markers are non-toxic, highly visible, long lasting and anti-fouling: ideal for challenging environments which are finding that they have increasing needs for greater surveillance and improved subsea monitoring. With the growth of deepwater activities across a range of industries, remote and harsher environments, low light conditions and turbid water conditions, C.TAG/® can offer greater visibility and easier identification methods for operators and maintenance personnel of a wide range of underwater equipment.

For further information about C.TAG/® markers and how they could benefit your project, please email us: or visit our website