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Subsea thermal insulation

ContraTherm® subsea thermal insulation from Advanced Insulation improves flow assurance for subsea structures by way of reducing the formation of hydrate plugs and wax build-ups. ContraTherm® C25 and C55 have been engineered to meet the most technically demanding subsea insulation environments, suitable for tolerating the high temperature and pressure extremes.

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Subsea-Buoyancy-300pxSubsea buoyancy and protection

Advanced Insulation offer a range of market leading subsea buoyancy solutions alongside moulded polyurethane products which offer protection from environmental factors. Buoyancy and protection products are manufactured from syntactic lightweight materials that can be used in depths in excess of 3000MSW.

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Subsea-Markers-300pxSubsea anti-fouling markers

The C.TAG/® range of subsea markers are non-toxic, highly visible, long lasting and anti-fouling: ideal for for the harsh subsea environment. C.TAG/® has been stated as the next generation of underwater marker systems which facilitates the need for greater surveillance and improved subsea monitoring. With the growth of deepwater oil production, remote and harsher environments, low light conditions and turbid water conditions, C.TAG/® can offer greater visibility and easier identification methods for ROV operators.

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Topside fire protection and insulation

Advanced Insulation provide two innovative systems for providing fire protection and insulation for offshore oil and gas: ContraFlame® and ContraFlex®. ContraFlame® fire protection and insualtion has been developed to provide a multi-functional composite system. Based on a unique phenolic syntactic foam and phenolic glass reinforced laminate which combines to provide fire protection and thermal insulation for 180 minutes hydrocarbon pool fire protection and 120 minutes jet fire protection. In addition, ContraFlex® flexible PFP and insulation jackets are also available for tailor-made solutions that require frequent maintenance access.

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Topside blast and fire protection

Advanced Insulation has developed a system that can provide blast, fire protection and insulation for high risk areas protecting both personnel and equipment when the need arises. The ContraBlast® fire wall and blast wall system provides up to 1.5 Bar  blast pressure, 120 minute hydrocarbon pool fire and 120 minute jet fire protection.

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Marine-Buoyancy-300pxMarine buoyancy

Advanced Insulation’s Manuplas range of navigation, marker, pendant and mooring buoys offer a variety of applications in the harsh, unpredictable marine environment.

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Marine-Quayside-300pxQuayside fenders

The Manuplas range of quayside fenders enable safe navigation and berthing at ports and harbours, protecting the facility but also the vessel itself.

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Marine-Fendering-300pxVessel protection and insulation

Manuplas fendering provides a bespoke system to withstand the harshest of marine environments are requirements. With reliability and durability as standard, Manuplas fendering systems are also highly impact absorbent and virtually non-marking.

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Marine-Buoyancy-300pxGeneral flotation and abrasion protection

In addition to the standard Manuplas systems, tubular and pontoon floats and tow-tector and chain sleeve abrasion protection products are available.

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Industrial-Insulation-300pxFlexible insulation and protection

Advanced Insulation’s ContraFlex® range of industrial insulation and protection jackets can be effectively used in a number of applications from HVAC to high temperature, chemical spill protection to heat tracing.

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Flexible passive fire protection and insulation

Advanced Insulation ContraFlex® passive fire protection and insulation can be effectively used to provide industrial system protection against pool fire and jet fire situations especially for chemical and petrochemical environments.

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