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Manuplas® supply high performance installation buoys to Brazilian oil company

The challenge

Located offshore Brazil, an oil company needed an installation buoyancy solution in a range of sizes and operational depths in a very short time frame.   The project also required that the buoyancy modules were easy to install and remove after operations were completed.

A total of 316 buoyancy modules in a range of sizes and operational depths, were required to meet the requirements of the project.  The table below, details the modules required.

Quantity Nett buoyancy (kg) Max water depth (msw)
94 100 2000
50 500 2000
172 500 3000

Our solution 

We recommended the supply of buoyancy modules with rotary moulded protective outer shells.  With a cast syntactic foam core, these modules will provide exceptional deep-water buoyancy and were custom specified to ensure they suited the water depths of 2000msw and 3000msw.  Cast syntactic foam core was recommended for these modules as it can withstand the pressure from the water depths.  Standard foam would just buckle and be crushed.


These modules were produced rapidly and cost-effectively, ensuring we could achieve delivery on time and not impact project time frames. Configuring the buoyancy modules with through-hole arrangements ensured installation was quick and easy, helping to keep project install costs to a minimum.

A combination of a high-performance rotary moulded outer shell and a cast syntactic foam core ensures the module will give a long and reliable service life.  This allows our customer an additional benefit of being able to reuse the buoyancy modules with the same performance specifications.

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