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C-Ling® is a cost effective, retro-fitted cable penetrations and j-tube sealing solution designed to address gaps and failed cable penetrations seals on the foundation of offshore wind turbines.

C-Ling® is a corrosion prevention system in the form of a dynamic self-sealing solution. The system enables asset owners and operators to quickly and efficiently prevent corrosion without the need for major offshore operations, costly vessel spreads, or additional impact on the marine environment.

C-Ling® is the world’s only solution that allows operators to reseal foundations – reinstating the original design intent and extending life of assets.

  • C-Ling® is quickly and easily installed over failed seals.
  • C-Ling® is installed from the LWP, without additional HSE restrictions or work practices or costly offshore support vessels.

Product benefits

  • Minimises corrosion within the internal structure of the foundation by preventing the exchange of water.

  • Reinstates the intended corrosion prevention strategy for the foundation

  • Has been pre-engineered so that it is suitable for all sites.

  • Requires no ongoing maintenance.

  • The system uses a single tower team from the lower working platform. Minimising the risk to personnel, structures and facilities.

  • Utilises a patent pending, pressure differential to create a perfect, water tight seal.

  • Can prevent the transfer of acidic water and anodic material to the environment.


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