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ContraFlex® jackets installed at (HFO) power plant in West Africa

Our team in Dubai manufactured and supplied our ContraFlex® insulation jackets for heat traced piping as pipe racks to a global standby generator company. The insulation was for a Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) power plant where they require insulation and trace heating to keep the fuel from solidifying. This is because in its base form the oil has a tar-like consistency – this helps ensure effective and efficient power is available when needed.

Our customer had the requirement to insulate pipes (operating at 98OC) using a solution that would be effective for at least five years’ whilst operating in extreme climate conditions.  Our ContraFlex® insulation jackets, exceed these criteria having been utilised in offshore/onshore projects for over 10 years.

Covering all pipes, hoses, valves, flanges and any metal surface containing HFO our jackets were delivered by our local team direct to our customer saving on lead time.

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