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ContraFlex® team installs insulation jackets for storage vessels

Our ContraFlex® team recently completed a project inside a boiler house, where the customer (who we’ve worked with previously) had storage vessels operating at high temperatures and needed a solution to:

  • protect their operators against hot surfaces
  • reduce the amount of heat loss coming from the vessels
  • inspect and maintain the application with less hassle

Our team designed, manufactured and installed our ContraFlex® insulation jackets which are effective against temperatures up to 1,100°C. With a bespoke design, the jackets could be fitted tightly around awkward pipe features to maximise thermal protection. Our jackets are held in place using a velcro type hook and loop fastening, which enables quick and easy installation whilst allowing future maintenance checks without removing the entire covering.

Fact: Inside a boiler house, it’s important to ensure temperatures are maintained, if not, it can result in increased of  fuel consumption, carbon emissions and production costs if there is production downtime.

Want to find out how we can improve the efficiency of your boiler house? Talk to our jackets team today.

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