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ContraFlex® is an innovative, bespoke jacket or blanket system using high performance materials, tested to the most extreme operating conditions our range includes Passive Fire Protection, Thermal and Acoustic solutions. ContraFlex® is manufactured globally across 5 manufacturing facilities offering local support on site surveys, installation, technical support and maintenance: UK, Dubai, Brazil, Korea and Kazakhstan. ContraFlex® is designed for a multitude of applications across many markets and applications ranging from HVAC thermal insulation to extreme Passive Fire Protection (PFP) requirements offshore in oil and gas, as well as for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Insulation jackets and blankets

ContraFlex® jackets are designed to meet your application requirements.  Our insulation jacket range includes thermal and acoustic.  We have also developed and tested high temperature, winterisation and leak detection jackets. Customer benefits:

  • Bespoke design, ensures the jackets will fit closely around awkward pipe features, valves, vessels and flanges to maximise insulation and remove possible sharp edge hazards

  • Designed to insulate the application which it is applied to,  our jackets can operate effectively at temperatures ranging from  -20°C to +950°C

  • As standard, our jackets have a durable outer cloth that is weather and oil resistant.

  • Jacket fastenings such as hook and loop, lacing hooks or turn buttons mean that a speedy removal can be achieved for the purpose of maintenance or repair

  • Insulation is fully sealed to avoid any airborne contamination and possible harm to personnel

  • Specific labeling can be provided so insulation jackets that are removed for maintenance, can be easily replaced.

Thermal insulation

Reduce equipment operation costs by conserving heat and protect employees to reduce risk of health and safety incidents and improve plant efficiency through fitting efficient thermal insulation jackets

Acoustic insulation

Reduce health and safety risk and improve working environment, by insulating key plant and equipment to reduce noise pollution.  Our acoustic jackets have been tested in accordance with internationally recognised ISO 15665: Acoustics for piping, flanges and valves.

High temperature

High temperature jackets are used extensively on turbines, marine and power generation exhausts where application temperatures exceed 240°C.


Winterisation jackets provide frost protection with integrated trace heating. Trace heating maintains a background temperature and can be integrated within acoustic or standard insulation ContraFlex® jackets depending on the requirement.

Leak detection

Leak detection jackets help prevent hazards caused by  leaking valves and flanges. With the red alert indicator sleeves that change colour when reagents make contact with them, the particular chemical can be traced quickly and efficiently, aiding the removal of the jacket and maintenance of the pipe.

OEM Applications

ContraFlex® is used by many Global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), providing cost-savings and global supply chain solutions on insulation for steam distribution, mobile generators, turbines, actuators and more

Passive fire protection

ContraFlex® PFP Jackets are tested to both Hydrocarbon Pool and Jet Fire scenarios (UL1709 and ISO22899) to provide protection up to 180 minutes in the event of a fire which is used across Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, LNG and Nuclear projects globally. Further bespoke testing has been carried out for tunnel transmission projects, OEMs and end users to ensure ContraFlex® is the chosen solution for complex solutions.  Benefits across the different ranges include:

  • Up to 180-minute protection for UL1709 pool fire and ISO 22899 jet fire scenarios

  • UL1709 for 30-minutes as required on actuators with low temperature rise <80°C

  • Designed for offshore conditions with additional weatherproofing tests as per NORSOK R-004 (IACS UR.S.14.2.3 and ISO 20340

  • First fit Velcro type hook and loop tape fixing to allow simple, fast installation, removal and refit, secured with lacing hooks and SS wire for blast and fire protection

  • Up to 2.15 bar blast protection

ISO 22899 Jet Fire

Range consists of a multitude of different tests for challenging applications including structural steel, piping packages, valves and actuators, process vessels, skirts and saddles. ContraFlex® testing considers the duration of fire, maximum allowable temperature rise and volume of equipment to ensure the correct technical solution is offered. ContraFlex® jacket thicknesses range from 36mm (45-minute duration), 61mm (120-minute duration), up to 120mm (180-minute duration).

UL1709 Pool Fire

The UL1709 range covers the most stringent requirements for actuators in accordance with the UL1709 5th edition with temperature rise requirements in mind. ContraFlex® can be supplied to fit a range of applications such as structural steel, valves and actuators, piping and process equipment. ContraFlex® UL1709 jacket thicknesses range from 50mm for temperature limits <100°C after 30-minutes, 61-75mm <50°C after 30 minutes and have been tested up to a total duration of 180-minutes.

BS476 Jackets

ContraFlex® Jackets have been tested to a wide range of bespoke testing standards for new industry applications. The ContraFlex® R&D team ensure jackets are qualified with industry leading type approval documentation where required from Lloyd’s Register, DNV or ABS.


Steam Distribution

Steam Distribution insulation jackets prevent heat loss in form of radiation and help conserve energy. Huge amount of energy can be saved by insulating equipment with large surface areas and high temperatures. Jackets can be installed to valves, strainers, manifolds, steam traps and boi

Marine Engines

Jackets are used on marine engine parts, ship manifolds and exhausts to protect personnel against high temperature lines and conserve energy, reducing fuel costs

Valves and actuators

Jackets can be used on valves, actuators and control panels for effective fire protection and insulation. A wide range of valves can be accommodated including ball, globe, butterfly, check, gate and dual block and bleed (DBB) type. Jackets can incorporate an inspection hatch for maintenance purposes on actuator control panels.

Skid packages

Jackets can be installed to large process skid packages to incorporate protection on valves, piping and vessels.

Mobile generators

Jackets are used extensively across large generators 200kVa and above to protect personnel from the exhaust lines and improve generator efficiency. Jackets are easily removed and replaced during maintenance programs.