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FlexiChar® C20i(H) is a fast curing fully flexible two pack hybrid intumescent coating for use in coatings workshops and onshore/offshore oil and gas and petrochemicals facilities. The system provides up to 120 minutes of fre protection in accordance with the UL1709:2017 and Jet Fire protection in accordance with ISO22899-1:2007 for a duration of 20 minutes for structures and processing equipment. FlexiChar® is applied with an air driven, single leg pump or with a basic specifcation plural pump.

> Market-leading, thinnest dry film thickness (DFT) across H60, H90, H120
> Maintains flexibility down to -52°C / -61.6°F
> Direct applications over galvanized surfaces
> Fast curing, shower proof within 1 hour, transportable in 8 hours
> 0.75% water uptake (ISO20340:2009)

FlexiChar® C20i(H) application Tame & ISO spheres, Johor Malaysia

Product benefits

  • Applied with single leg pump, no pre-heating or ratio checking requirements

  • Fast curing, shower proof within 1 hour, transportable in 8 hours

  •  Patented non-epoxy materials technology

  •  Low smoke generation as per IMO MSC 307 (88) annex 1, part 2 smoke and toxicity testing

  • Direct application over galvanised surfaces and bolts with suitable surface preparation

  •  Low VOC and no solvent entrapment or prolonged solvent odour

  •  Operating temperature range for structures and processing equipment: min: -52°C / -62°F max: +80°C / +176°F

  • Maintains flexibility down to -52°C / -61.6°F

  • Low temperature application -5°C / 23°F

  • High temperature application +40°C / 104°F

Technical data sheet

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