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Ice Arena Wales achieves significant cost savings using ContraFlex®

The challenge

Maintaining the environment inside Ice Arena Wales (64,500 square feet) requires state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to operate smoothly and effectively. Over 90% of the pipework used in the HVAC systems are situated externally which requires insulation to prevent heat loss.

Our solution 

To ensure building services at Ice Arena Wales operate as efficiently as possible, SHS Integrated Services used ContraFlex® insulation jackets for pipes, valves and flanges of the HVAC systems. Our team designed, manufactured and installed 350 ContraFlex® insulation jackets. Compared to alternative solutions such as metal valve boxes and fibrous insulation, ContraFlex® insulation jackets are held in place with hook and loop fastenings for quick and easy installation, future maintenance and replacements.

To minimise health & safety risks and heat loss, our bespoke jackets fit around awkward pipe features to maximise thermal protection and to protect operators from potential burns. For SHS Integrated Services, this resulted in significant savings on labour costs and heat loss.

With a waterproof outer cloth and water shedding design, our jackets have been tested to ensure durability in challenging environments, making them ideal for external applications. The quick turnaround time was much needed too as external factors meant the project start date had been delayed but still had to be completed on schedule.


Without insulating the valves and flanges, annual heat loss at Ice Arena Wales was 273,845 kWh. After the ContraFlex® jackets were installed, this figure was reduced to just 21,551 kWh, saving Ice Arena Wales over £8000 per year and reducing energy loss by more than 92%.

Matthew James, Operations Director at SHS Integrated Services, says: “Not only did we need a solution with remarkable insulation properties, but it also had to be cost effective and quick to install. From start to finish the project took just five days. This represented a significant cost saving in terms of labour without sacrificing the energy loss reduction properties of the end product.

Operators of Ice Arena Wales can be confident that HVAC  systems will be protected and insulated for years to come. The arena opened in March 2016 and is set to be the main attraction of the £400m International Sports Village at Cardiff Bay. For this project, insulating jackets were the obvious choice. We were extremely pleased with the end result, especially as Advanced Insulation were able to deliver in such a short timeframe.”

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