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Insulation / Acoustic Jackets and Blankets

ContraFlex® jackets are designed to meet your application requirements.  Our removable insulation jacket range includes thermal, acoustic, winterisation and leak detection.  Our ContraFlex® materials can be used for high temperature applications such as exhausts and turbines, winterisation (to prevent ice build-up) on process equipment and instrumentation and for leak detection of a variety of acids and alkalines.

Customer benefits

  • Bespoke design, ensures the jackets will fit closely around awkward pipe features, valves, vessels and flanges to maximise insulation and remove possible sharp edge hazards

  • Our jackets can operate effectively at temperatures ranging from  -55°C to +950°C

  • As standard, our jackets have a durable outer cloth that is weather and oil resistant.

  • Jacket fastenings such as velcro-type hook and loop tape, lacing hooks or turn buttons mean that a speedy removal can be achieved for the purpose of maintenance or repair

  • Insulation can be fully sealed to avoid any airborne contamination and possible harm to personnel

  • Specific labelling or tagging can be provided for traceability, maintenance and inspection purposes.

Product types

Thermal insulation


Reduce equipment operation costs by conserving heat and improve plant efficiency through fitting efficient thermal insulation jackets. Thermal jackets come in two forms, flat pad or formed shapes depending on the project needs and can be used across a wide range of industries.

Acoustic insulation

Reduce health and safety risk and improve working environment, by insulating key plant and equipment to reduce noise pollution. Our acoustic jackets have been tested in accordance with internationally recognised ISO 15665: Acoustics for piping, flanges and valves. Acoustic jackets are particularly useful in gas plants where pipe vibration occurs from the change in gas flow rates.

High temperature


High temperature jackets are used extensively on turbines, marine and power generation exhausts where application temperatures exceed 240°C. We work with a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance contractors to provide solutions for a range of high temperature equipment.



Winterisation jackets provide frost protection with optional integrated trace heating. Trace heating maintains a background temperature and can be integrated within acoustic or standard insulation ContraFlex® jackets depending on the requirement. The system can be installed to electrical equipment such as transmitters and controllers to prevent freezing and LCD display malfunction.

Leak detection

Leak detection

Leak detection jackets help prevent hazards caused by leaking valves and flanges. With indicator sleeves that change colour when reagents make contact with them, the particular chemical can be traced quickly and efficiently, aiding the removal of the jacket and maintenance of the pipe. We have a range of different acid, alkaline and steam reactive fabrics available.

OEM applications

ContraFlex® is used by many Global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), providing cost-savings and global supply chain solutions on insulation for steam generation and distribution, pumps, transmitters, mobile generators, turbines, actuators and more.




Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment performs heating and/or cooling for industrial buildings. ContraFlex® jackets helps to improve HVAC equipment operational efficiency and deliver energy savings by reducing the heat loss / gain.

Steam and gas turbines


Steam and gas turbines are used in a range of operations including power stations. Their functionality directly influences the profitability and productivity of the power station and also the energy efficiency. We provide ContraFlex® insulation jackets which help to achieve higher operating efficiency of the turbine as well as improved energy efficiency, optimal fire protection and noise reduction. Our high temperature insulation also enables shut down time to be reduced during overhauls.

Steam generation and distribution

Steam distribution insulation jackets prevent heat loss in form of radiation and help conserve energy. Huge amounts of energy can be saved by insulating equipment with large surface areas and high temperatures. Jackets can be installed to valves, strainers, manifolds, steam traps and boilers. These are used across a wide range of industries including food and beverage, hospitals, pharmaceutical and oil & gas onshore or even sugar cane refining.

Marine / mobile generator exhaust

Jackets are used on marine engine parts, ship manifolds and exhausts to protect personnel against high temperature lines and conserve energy, reducing fuel costs.


Pumps need protection from external environmental conditions including heat, cold and chemicals. Personnel working near the pumps often need protecting from noise made by the pumps. We provide a range of ContraFlex® insulation and acoustic jackets to protect personnel from burns from hot pipes and noise. The jackets provide excellent heat retention which reduces waste and operational costs due to superior efficiency of the operation of the pumps.

Compressors / expanders

Compressors and expanders are often required to have acoustic insulation to the ISO 15665 standard Class C or D. Our ContraFlex® solution provides a minimal thickness, high performance solution that fits tightly against the compressor body to minimise sound leakage and provide maximum noise protection.

Generator set / CHP silencer, turbo, exhaust and manifold

Generator set

We work with a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that provide solutions for CHP and mobile power solutions.

Skid packages

skid package

Jackets can be installed to large process skid packages to incorporate protection on valves, piping and vessels. ContraFlex® is used extensively by skid packaging companies for thermal insulation and winterisation covers across a range of equipment using a variety of infill materials depending on the project specification.

Heat traced pipework

heat trace pipework

ContraFlex® is a removable system that can be used over the top of trace heated pipework and associated fittings. We supply a large number of jackets for projects in cold climates as well as mobile power plants using heavy fuel oil, whereby the tar-like fuel requires heat conservation jackets on trace-heated lines to prevent the fuel from solidifying.

Desulfurisation (sulphur traps)

Desulfurisation plants require sulphur traps to be insulated to prevent sulphur solidifying under cold temperatures. Insulation of these sulphur trap systems and associated pipework keep the sulphur warm and stop downtime of the plant.

Turbochargers / microturbines

Turbo covers are produced using high-quality insulation materials and are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Microturbine technology can make use of ContraFlex® to reduce the overall thickness in enclosures that have space constraints.

Vessels and tanks

Vessels and tanks can be provided with custom fit, insulation jackets with options for trace-heating where required. These can be used across a range of plantrooms, IBC tanks and anything requiring heat conservation. The system can incorporate inspection hatches for easy access to gauges.

Plastic injection moulding heater barrels

Injection moulding barrels require insulation to improve the efficiency of the machine and provide heat-loss energy savings. These barrels are heated to ensure the molten plastic stays warm throughout the process and jackets are used to ensure operational consistency of the machine.

Acoustic isolation of valves, flanges, compressors and expanders


ContraFlex® acoustic jackets are used to reduce noise levels on site, especially important for congested areas and gas plants. Acoustic jackets can be applied to valves, piping, compressors, expanders and pipe supports to minimise noise and vibration.

Aluminium / steel smelting or billet rolling

steel smelting

ContraFlex® has been used as a substitute for conventional billet rolling furnace doors. Retrofitting ContraFlex® jackets provides significant heat-loss savings and reduce downtime of the plant where the previous metal sutters/doors would be subject to damage over time. ContraFlex® can be used as a high temperature application on chutes as lids to conserve heat, oven doors and even heat-shields as a replacement for conventional systems.

Tyre Press

Tyre presses can be insulated using ContraFlex® to conserve heat and provide energy savings.

Sewage Treatment Works/ Water Treatment

ContraFlex® is used by many insulation contracting companies as a combined approach. Insulation contractors will often provide metal cladding on piping, whilst leaving the valves and flanges to be installed using ContraFlex® insulation.

Plant Room Hot Water

Plant heat exchangers

plant heat

Candle filter

candle filter

Water tank

water tank

Gas turbine exhausts

Gas turbine

In oil & gas and marine applications we supply a range of high temperature covers for exhausts in both internal and external environments.

Carbon Capture



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