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  • Ing Deck
  • ContraSpill cryogenic spill testing
  • ContraSpill Deck Re-construction

The ContraSpill system, a jet fire-rated Cryogenic Spill Protection tile system designed to support rapid application during construction of new build FLNG or FSRU Projects and with its new modular, multi-functional tile system provides both Cryogenic Spill Protection and Jet Fire Protection for 60 minutes, the system has been designed for use on exposed deck areas and all vertical exposed steelwork.

The ContraSpill system has been tested for cryogenic spills using Liquid Nitrogen at -196°C for 60 minutes which, during tests, limited the back face temperature of the steel to +3.4°C and +6.7°C on the deck areas and +16.7°C on the vertical areas when the ambient conditions were at +20°C.

ContraSpill phenolic fibreglass-reinforced tiles are filled with Advanced Insulation’s ContraFlame C50 thermal insulation material and the total system thickness is 34mm thick. The system can withstand 7Mpa of compression load, it is also impervious to water and can withstand chemical or acid spills. The system is designed for continuous use at operating temperatures from -40°C to +150°C. The ContraSpill system also prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI) and provides outstanding physical performance for creep and fatigue in the marine environment.

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