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Onshore CSP and PFP

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  • LNG Tanks at the Port of Barcelona
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanks
  • LNG Tanks at the Port of Barcelona

Natural gas is combustible and a gas leak can lead to fire and/or gas explosion upon ignition. To ensure safe and reliable operation, particular measures are taken in the design, construction and operation of onshore LNG facilities.

ContraSpill from Advanced Insulation combines cryogenic spill protection with passive fire protection in a single system. ContraSpill can help during the design and construction phase to reduce the boil off rates of LNG and allow for safe containment of LNG in spill trenches and impoundment basins, reducing the need for expensive foam generation systems. LNG cannot burn or explode in the liquid state so the longer the LNG can be maintained in a liquid state the safer the onshore facility will be; so be using the ContraFlame CSP & PFP System it will help maintain the LNG in a liquid state for longer periods. Advanced Insulation is committed to hazard analysis of LNG facilities as a very important step to ensure the safety of all LNG facilities.