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  • ContraSpill cryogenic spill testing
  • Ship Tanker lng Gas

Ship to shore jetty protection

Advanced Insulation’s ContraSpill system is the number one for controlling LNG dispersion by controlling the substrate boil off with the objective of safely dispersing LNG vapours well before the lower explosive limit for methane.

ContraSpill is robust and can be applied to dense concrete or the steel construction used for jetties for offloading LNG during ship to shore operations. In the event of a spill or Rapid-Phase Transition (RPT) ContaSpill will dramatically reduce the boil off rate and any vapour cloud that might form during what is known as boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion (BLEVE).

As per the HSE design codes for Jetties the following considerations should be taken into account; fire, explosion, release of toxic substance and rapid thermal expansion and contraction from a LNG spill.


  • The C50 syntactic phenolic foam is bonded using a phenolic tie-coat to the jetty anti-corrosion system
  • The topcoat comprises 4.5mm of glass reinforced phenolic tile system. This composite tile is applied to the surface of the ContraFlame® C50 foam forming an extremely robust outer skin with high resistance to jet fire ablation and cold spill. The ContraSpill system is normally finished with a decorative non slip paint finish
  • The ContraFlame® C50 is a cold curing system and the phenolic tile system is a dry fit system


  • A combined lightweight system providing Cold Spill Insulation, Passive Fire Protection and Corrosion Prevention
  • Based on phenolic syntactic foam and phenolic glass reinforced laminate. It is totally passive in the fire situation and does not undergo any chemical change in the course of the fire
  • The phenolic tile matrix is free of osmosis
  • The system is designed for “life of field” operation, which in normal operating conditions will be in excess of 30 years
  • The system has been tested for thermal shock testing and met these criteria by shock cooling an externally coated vessel from +110 to –170 0 C in 10 minutes. No deterioration of the bond to the metal base or reduction in adhesion was found nor any spalling or cracking of the material
  • The system carries jet fire certifications specifically covered by Lloyds, DNV and has been tested to ISO 22899-1
  • The system has been blast tested up to 4.2 bar
  • The C50 is closed cell structure and jointless
  • The system has been tested for smoke generation to NES711 with a rating of 8.71 & Toxicity Index NES713 of 1.41
  • Robust energy-absorbing structure designed to allow loads up to 7Mpa
  • The system is suitable for the splash and tidal zones

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