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  • ContraSpill jet fire testing
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Advanced Insulation’s ContraSpill is a multifunctional composite system based on unique phenolic syntactic foam and pre-moulded phenolic glass reinforced laminate tiles which combines to provide cryogenic spill and Jet fire protection.

ContraSpill system has been tested to the latest ISO 20088 – Part 1 – (Standard for determination of the resistance to cryogenic spillage of insulation materials – Liquid Phase). This involves the sudden release of 250 litres of liquid nitrogen onto the surface of the ContraSpill material. The ContraSpill system was exposed 60 minutes to liquid nitrogen and the system underside did not go below a temperature of +3°C even after this one hour cryogenic exposure (at -196C°), also the system showed no damage due to thermal shock or exposure to very low temperatures.

ContraSpill system has been tested to the latest ISO 22899-1 jet fire standard except that the test specimen was laid horizontally on its back and the jet fire was directed vertically downwards onto it and no protective rear chamber was used. The ContraSpill system was subjected to a propane jet fire with an average mass flow rate of 0.299kg/s, for a period of 1 hour 23 minutes 11 seconds. The temperature on the specimen did not reach the threshold of 400°C during the jet fire.

Phenolic materials are widely used in high and low temperature applications, such as brake lining and heat shields, and have excellent performance when exposed to fire with regard to both durability and low smoke or toxic fume emissions.

Phenolic resin is the acknowledged first choice resin system for both cryogenic and elevated temperature service conditions and therefore Advanced Insulation chose it as the base of the entire ContraSpill system.


  • Syntactic Phenolic Foam: The heart of the new ContraSpill system is the improved version of our ContraFlame® C50 cold curing syntactic foam. ContraFlame® C50 has a closed cell structure, so it is highly resistant to water permeation in the event of any accidental damage and exposure.
  • Phenolic Laminate Tile System: The ContraSpill system includes an all-phenolic two-part topcoat developed by Advanced Insulation. It comprises 4.5mm of glass reinforced phenolic tile system. This composite tile is applied to the surface of the ContraFlame® C50 foam forming an extremely robust outer skin with high resistance to jet fire ablation and cold spill. The ContraSpill system is normally finished with a decorative non slip paint finish.
  • The ContraFlame® C50 is a cold curing system and the phenolic tile system is a dry fit system.


  • Jet fire passive fire protection to 120 minutes (J120)
  • Hydrocarbon pool fire passive fire protection to 60 minutes (H60)
  • Blast overpressure resistance up to 4.2 bar
  • Thermal conductivity is 0.05Wm-1K-1 at 25°C
  • C50 is a low cured density 400kgm-3
  • C50 is a closed cell structure
  • Tolerance to elevated service temperatures (185ºC)
  • Tolerance to very low service temperatures (-196ºC)
  • Robust energy-absorbing structure designed to allow loads up to 7Mpa
  • Suitable even at -140°C to absorb the impact of 4J with no damage
  • Zero weight loss after 120 minutes’ immersion with LNG
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Resistance to extreme thermal shock and deflection
  • Negligible smoke and fumes in fire conditions
  • Will not propagate flame
  • Joint less system which solves CUI issues
  • Long term protection of offshore FLNG and FSRU assets


ContraSpill cross-section

ContraSpill cross-section


ContraSpill applications

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