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Manuplas®  products now being used in the Renewables industry

Did you know that our marine products are now being used to help provide effective solutions for projects in the offshore renewables sector?

This sector is currently growing exponentially. Some reports show that it has grown over 30% per year in Europe over the last four years, but China added more capacity than any other country in 2018.

As part of the Ideol project, we supplied 36 ‘free-floating floats’ for installation to France’s first offshore floating wind turbine.

Our floats are applied to the mooring lines which secure the turbine to the seabed, helping to ensure the wind turbine floats in the sea and stays upright. Manufactured with rotationally moulded polyethylene shells they are resistant to the impact of collisions with vessels or subsea divers and their wind turbine maintenance equipment.

We’re excited to be helping our customers in this market to develop innovative solutions using our existing technologies. To find out more about our subsea floats:

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you with your renewable projects:

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