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Manuplas® supply chain support buoys to oil and gas industry!

Working closely with customers in the oil and gas industry (including oil rigs and FPSO’s), our marine team were able to provide chain support buoys and help provide a solution which was not standard.

When a vessel is unoccupied, chains can be supported using our chain support buoys, there are several different chain support buoy options that Manuplas® currently provide, including:

  • Swivel eyes top and bottom
  • Chain through arrangement
  • Pick-up buoys

Applications include single point mooring systems and pipe or chain system buoyancy.

Manufactured from polyethylene foam, our marine team can modify its standard range of products to accommodate all our customer’s needs, plus our chain support buoys have a range of features including:

  • Manufactured from durable and long-lasting materials
    • Saving you money in maintenance costs
  • Self-colour polyurethane elastomer and optional Kevlar reinforcement of skin is available
    • Increasing the skins tear resistance
  • Manufactured from durable and long-lasting materials
    • Reduce maintenance costs
  • High impact absorption prevents damage to the buoy or nearby vessels
    • Reducing potential for vessel to out or service or maintenance repairs needed
  • Bespoke sizes and options available to suit customer requirements
    • Every project is different, so our marine team will work closely with you to ensure that the solution we supply meets the needs of your project
  • Virtually unsinkable – even if outer skin is severely damaged

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