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Manuplas® supply fendering to the Norwegian Navy!

Working with customers in Scandinavia, our marine team supplied fendering for a Safety and Support Vessel (SSV) which was delivered to the Norwegian navy.

We recommended our sprayed polyurea fenders because of their high-quality seamless finish. The finish made it highly appropriate to use when the appearance of the fender is a key factor – as it was for this end-user who was keen to ensure they presented the right image.

Working closely with the customer, our team supplied bespoke fendering that was flexible on shape, size and technical specification, to ensure the exact requirements were met whilst keeping the fender as lightweight as possible for optimum performance.

Two of the key benefits for our end-user customer in selecting our fendering include:

• Manufactured from a high performance physically cross-linked polyethylene foam with a spray applied polyurea coating to ensure low maintenance and long service life.
• Help cost effective vessel operation due to their lightweight construction, enabling vessels to operate at higher speeds (especially important for a military vessel when undertaking emergency operations) and improve fuel consumption.

Get in touch with our Marine team today to find out more:

Navy Fender

Fenders for Norwegian Naval Ship

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