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Manuplas® Modular Buoys

Modular buoyancy modules

Robust and reliable modular buoys provide support for mooring systems from surface to 3000MSW.

Individual buoyancy elements or complete buoys are available providing 1-40T of nett buoyancy for applications such as suspended moorings, equipment installation and general offshore operations.

Manuplas supply modular buoyancy units in three standard sizes:

  • MINI – 1750mm x 1750mm Cross-section
  • MID – 2350mm x 2350mm Cross -section
  • MAX – 3000mm x 3000mm Cross-section


  • The flotation core component maybe syntactic foam for deepwater deployment or more lightweight expanded polymer foams to maximise buoyancy yield in shallow waters.
  • Cast with a robust impact resistant rotationally moulded external shell.


  • Modular design allows ease of repair and buoyancy element change-out in the event of damage
  • Flat sides to facilitate stable storage and tight operational conditions
  • Easily adjustable to meet specific buoyancy requirement
  • Interlocking design to eliminate rotation during operation
  • Central structural steelwork
  • Lightweight foam flotation cores

Mini modular buoy

Mini modular buoy

Midi modular buoy

Midi modular buoy

Maxi modular buoy

Maxi modular buoy

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