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Manuplas® successfully design and manufacture modular buoyancy modules

Our marine team successfully designed and manufactured a set of modular buoyancy modules for our customer, who are leading providers of floating production solutions to the offshore energy industry. We were approached with a requirement for subsea buoyancy modules that could be used as supports for pipeline repair and compatible with an offshore repair vessel with lifting equipment.

Our marine team designed a solution which comprised of 48 strings of buoyancy modules (288 individual units). Each string was constructed from six moulded polyethylene shells filled with PU foam and assembled on a steel fabrication, each providing 3.9 tonne of buoyancy and rated to 350m msw.

The buoyancy module strings feature a mooring/lifting eye at each end, where they will be attached vertically from a pipeline to provide support to a length of subsea pipeline whilst it is being repaired.

We achieved our customers time frame by utilizing our in-house equipment, providing regular communication and implementing a smart design idea, which meant ensuring the modules could be packaged/transported easily and economically; these initiatives allowed us to meet the short lead time of ten weeks from placement of order to completion.

To discuss your modular buoyancy requirements, talk to our marine team.