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ContraFlex® certified thermal insulation, high temperature and acoustic insulation jackets from Advanced Insulation can be effectively used in construction and industrial applications for energy savings and associated cost savings such as food processing, dairies and pharmaceuticals to hotels and leisure, education and health centres. Furthermore, utilities such as boiler houses, pumping stations and water treatment works can greatly benefit from thermal insulation and winterisation jackets with integrated heat tracing.

Advanced Insulation provide a number of industrial solutions including thermal insulation and passive fire protection:

Industrial-Insulation-300pxInsulation / Acoustic Jackets and Blankets

Advanced Insulation’s ContraFlex® range of industrial insulation and protection jackets can be effectively used in a number of applications from HVAC to high temperature, chemical spill protection to heat tracing.

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Passive fire protection

Advanced Insulation ContraFlex® passive fire protection and insulation can be effectively used to provide industrial system protection against pool fire and jet fire situations especially for chemical and petrochemical environments.

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