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Industrial Machining

ContraFlex® certified insulation and protection jackets provide personnel protection, high temperature and acoustic insulation along with chemical spill protection. Suitable for a wide range of applications across industrial and non-industrial sectors.

ContraFlex® jackets are designed to meet application requirements. Thermal and acoustic insulation jackets are available along with high temperature, winterisation and leak detection jackets. Benefits across the different ranges include:

  • Designed to fit closely around awkward pipe features, valves, vessels, flanges and actuators to maximise insulation and remove possible sharp edge hazards
  • Designed to insulate the application which it is applied to, ranging between -20°C to +1100°C
  • Durable outer cloth can be supplied with weather and oil resistance
  • Jacket fastenings such as hook and loop, lacing hooks or turn buttons mean that a speedy removal can be achieved for the purpose of maintenance or repair
  • Insulation is fully sealed to avoid any airborne contamination and possible harm to personnel


ContraFlex® jackets can be tailored to provide thermal insulation to the requirements of the particular application according to ISO 12241:2008 calculation rules. Standard ContraFlex® Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) insulation wool jackets with an infill of 50mm provides the following thermal conductivity. Other thickness designs are available with also a multiple jacket option for greater heat conservation if required.

Hanger after ContraFlex insulation

Hanger after ContraFlex insulation

Hanger before ContraFlex insulation

Hanger before ContraFlex insulation

With a flexible jacket solution, removing the insulation for regular maintenance or inspection need not be a challenge. With simple fastening systems, the jacket can be easily removed and replaced in a fraction of the time in comparison to fixed insulation systems such as renders or fibrous/metal clad valve boxes. Furthermore, a flexible jacket system is less likely to sustain damage than traditional stainless steel cladding that can easily be dented and allow moisture ingress.

ContraFlex® jackets were supplied to a nuclear power station, providing savings of £1.7 million per day through means of a 3 day fitting schedule in comparison to a 7 day installation schedule using traditional methods. Even for smaller scale HVAC insulation projects, ContraFlex® jackets can save up to a third in installation time in comparison to more traditional systems.

The integrity of ContraFlex® jackets is not reduced after unfastening and fastening and continues to insulate effectively throughout the product’s lifespan. If an item of ContraFlex® insulation should become damaged then it can be easily replaced with a new section.

Surface temperatures can be effectively reduced using high temperature jackets, insulating high temperature equipment and reducing the risk to personnel from burns. ContraFlex® jackets can also provide an effective covering of sharp edges of application equipment and thus providing a safer working environment.

Industrial insulation and protection jackets

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