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Acoustic insulation

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Vessel's Main 3 Stories Engine

ContraFlex® Acoustic insulation jackets are available where sound reduction is required to improve health, safety and environmental standards.

ContraFlex® Acoustic jackets can be used to effectively insulate engines, exhausts, boilers, pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, actuators and other process
equipment. Vehicles, engine rooms and exhaust sets including agricultural and marine applications that require insulation, benefit from sound reduction, personnel protection and ease of maintenance and space saving using ContraFlex® Acoustic.

Insulation jackets have been successfully supplied to Harris Pye – a specialist company providing repair of marine and industrial boilers. The bespoke jackets for the engine rooms created a safer environment for engine operatives to work in- both in terms of sound reduction and safety from minimising hot surface areas that could cause significant injury.


  • A range of specially selected infills with absorbent characteristics, de-coupling layers and a dense mass vinyl for blocking sound waves.
  • Silicone coated outer cloth to provide weather protection


  • Tested in accordance with internationally recognised standard ISO 15665 acoustics for piping, flanges and valves class A, B and C
  • Compliant with acoustic NORSOK R-004 class 6, 7 and 8 for acoustic insulation
  • Sound Reduction: Varying thickness and types of materials along with compact seals, can be incorporated into the design to improve sound reduction performance
  • Low Maintenance and Inspection Time: ContraFlex® insulation jackets can be safely and easily removed for ease of maintenance and therefore keep downtime to a minimum. Furthermore, insulation jackets can be removed and refitted by maintenance personnel directly, excluding the requirement for specialist sub-contractors.
  • Low installation time: Insulation jackets by ContraFlex® are flexible and therefore easier to handle and install in relation to conventional cladding
ContraFlex Acoustic Insulation

ContraFlex Acoustic tested at Peutz BV, Netherlands to ISO 15665:2003

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