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High temperature insulation

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Power Station

ContraFlex® high temperature jackets are used extensively where application temperatures are between 240°C and 1100°C for high temperature processing equipment such as pipes, flanges, valves and vessels.

High temperature ContraFlex® jackets can be used to effectively insulate turbines, boilers, pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, actuators, junction boxes, vessels and other process equipment. Multiple jacket options are also available which can provide increased performance. Turbines, with accompanying equipment such as exhausts, inlet piping and valves require a number of solutions to resolve heat loss, personnel safety issues and to some extent, acoustic problems. Insulation jackets provide a time saving, cost effective solution in contrast to expensive wet finish and heavy, time intensive insulation options.

ContraFlex® jackets provide a fast and effective turnaround for removal of damaged insulation and installation of new. For example, ContraFlex® jackets were supplied to a nuclear power station, providing savings of £1.7 million per day through means of a 3 day fitting schedule in comparison to a 7 day installation schedule using traditional methods.


  • Outer Cloth: 80/80 ‘E’ glass fabric: fl ame retardant, alkali free silicone polymer coated material for external temperatures below 240°C. Other fabrics available upon request.
  • Insulation: MEDIUM TEMPERATURE: Aerogel insulation for close tolerance applications up to 650°C with thickness from 10mm.
    HIGH TEMPERATURE: AES wool up to 1100°C with thickness from 25mm
  • Inner Cloth: Graphite with or without incorporated mesh available for maximum allowable surface temperatures up to 1100°C.
  • Thread: High temperature stainless steel with a Kevlar covering, providing strength and stability. Withstands 1100ºC without high strain; 600ºC with mechanical strain
  • Fastenings: A range of jacket fastenings are available; banding, hook and loop tape, lacing hooks, buckle straps. Other custom fastenings available on request.


  • Low maintenance and inspection time: ContraFlex® insulation jackets can be safely and easily removed for ease of maintenance and therefore keep downtime to a minimum. Furthermore, insulation jackets can be removed and refi tted by maintenance personnel directly, excluding the requirement for specialist sub-contractors.
  • Personnel safety With hazardous surface temperatures of turbine equipment safely insulated, risks to personnel are reduced. Similarly, insulation jackets can also protect against sharp edges of the equipment
  • Heat Conservation: Large scale facilities such as schools, hospitals, social housing, commercial and retail centres all require, to varying degrees, constant temperatures to provide a stable environment. Heating or refrigeration can be energy intensive and is therefore essential that energy loss is reduced through effective insulation, creating cost savings.
  • Low installation time: Insulation jackets by ContraFlex® are flexible and therefore easier to handle and install in relation to conventional cladding.
ContraFlex hi temp cross section

ContraFlex high temperature cross section

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