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Leak detection jackets

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Pharmaceutical Production

ContraFlex® leak detection jackets help prevent hazardous spray-outs from leaking valves and flanges. With the red alert indicator sleeves that change colour when reagents make contact with them, the particular chemical can be traced quickly and efficiently, aiding the removal of the jacket and maintenance of the pipe.

ContraFlex® leak detection jackets can be used with pipes, fittings, flanges, valves and other process equipment. Manufacturing and processing equipment: Equipment for food and drink, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical and process plants can be insulated with ContraFlex® jackets or mattresses to improve heat conservation and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, the ContraFlex® leak detection jacket is ideally suited to improve safety when working with hazardous chemicals.


  • Outer Cloth: Polymer coated fabrics with uniform composition. Polymer based on poly (vinyl chloride) resins with suitable additives to insure pliability, performance, colour fastness and presence of acids. Clear sectioned polymer fabric to allow for visible leak detection.
  • Fastenings: Jacket fastened in place with hook and loop tape and draw cord


  • Personnel safety: Leak detection jackets help prevent hazardous spray-outs from leaking pipes, joints and fittings. With a clear area to view the application itself, any visible sign of a leak can be easily identified.
  • Chemical identification: Indicator sleeves change colour when reagents make contact with them, the particular chemical can be traced quickly and efficiently, aiding the removal of the jacket and maintenance of the pipe.
  • Low installation time: Insulation jackets by ContraFlex® are flexible and therefore easier to handle and install for a timely installation schedule.
ContraFlex chemical protection jacket

ContraFlex chemical protection jacket

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