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Winterisation jackets

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Heat Exchanger System Cold Flange

ContraFlex® winterisation jackets provide frost protection with integrated trace heating. Trace heating maintains a background temperature and can be integrated within acoustic or standard insulation ContraFlex® jackets depending on the requirement.

Winterisation ContraFlex® jackets can be used to effectively insulate pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, actuators, junction boxes, vessels and other process equipment.

Water treatment works: Water treatment works can greatly benefit with winterisation ContraFlex® insulation jackets with integrated trace heating. Ideally suited for external equipment such as fire hydrants, pipes or vessels or other systems, providing frost resistance as highlighted in BS5422:2009.

Generator sets: Bespoke insulation jackets for generator sets can be manufactured to suit the project requirements; acoustic insulation, personnel protection or thermal insulation. With generator sets often in remote areas and in harsh conditions, ContraFlex® jackets are ideally suited for ease of installation and maintenance.


  • Outer Cloth: 80/80 ‘E’ glass fabric: fl ame retardant, alkali free silicone polymer coated material for exterior use and improved weatherability. Other fabrics available upon request.
  • Insulation: 20-50mm man-made mineral fi bre insulation, 45kg/m3. Other bespoke materials available upon request.
  • Heat Tracing: Heat tracing element cables operate at 230V (110V also available) utilising tinned copper conductors, max temperature 65°C (energised).
  • Inner Cloth: Durable ‘E’ glass fabric: flame retardant, alkali free silicone polymer coated material to accommodate heat tracing. Other fabrics available upon request.
  • Thread: Spun and doubled stainless steel yarn, PTFE coated to improve hydrophobic ability.
  • Fastenings: A range of jacket fastenings are available; banding, hook and loop tape, turn buttons, lacing hooks, buckle straps. Other custom fastenings are available on request.


  • Heat Conservation: Large scale facilities such as schools, hospitals, social housing, commercial and retail centres all require, to varying degrees, constant temperatures to provide a stable environment. Heating or refrigeration can be energy intensive and is therefore essential that energy loss is reduced through effective insulation, creating cost savings.
  • Integrated heat tracing: Improved speed of maintenance as only one system needs removing rather than separate components.
  • Low maintenance and inspection time: ContraFlex® insulation jackets can be safely and easily removed for ease of maintenance and therefore keep downtime to a minimum. Furthermore, insulation jackets can be removed and refitted by maintenance personnel directly, excluding the requirement for specialist sub-contractors.
ContraFlex heat trace cross section

ContraFlex winterisation heat trace cross section

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