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Passive Fire Protection (PFP) and Cryogenic Spill Protection (CSP) 2020-06-09T09:53:17+00:00

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) and Cryogenic Spill Protection (CSP)

ContraFlex® PFP jackets are tested to both hydrocarbon pool and jet fire scenarios (UL1709 and ISO22899) to provide protection up to 180 minutes in the event of a fire. The system is utilised across oil & gas, petrochemical, LNG and nuclear projects globally.

Further bespoke testing has been carried out for tunnel transmission projects for hot smoke protection of actuators, riser couplings and landing valves,

ContraFlex® is used by engineering and procurement contractors (EPCs), major energy industry operators, maintenance teams and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) globally. ContraFlex® is the chosen solution for complex fire and blast scenarios.

Customer benefits

  • Up to 180 minutes protection for UL1709 pool fire and ISO 22899 jet fire scenarios

  • UL1709 protection (1100°C) for 30 minutes (H30) as required on actuators with low temperature rise requirements <80°C.

  • Designed for offshore conditions with additional weatherproofing tests as per NORSOK R-004 (IACS UR.S.14.2.3 and ISO 20340)

  • First fit velcro type hook and loop tape fixing to allow simple, fast installation, removal and refit, secured with lacing hooks and SS wire for blast and fire protection

  • Up to 2.15 bar blast protection

Product types

Jet fire

ISO 22899 Jet fire

Range consists of a multitude of different tests for challenging applications including structural steel, piping packages, valves and actuators, process vessels, skirts and saddles. ContraFlex® testing considers the duration of fire, maximum allowable temperature rise and volume of equipment to ensure the correct technical solution is offered. ContraFlex® jacket thicknesses range from 36mm (45 minutes duration), 61mm (120 minutes duration), up to 120mm (180 minutes duration).

UL1709 Hydrocarbon Pool Fire

UL1709 Hydrocarbon pool

The UL1709 (1,100°C) ContraFlex® PFP range covers the most stringent requirements for actuators in accordance with the UL1709 5th edition with temperature rise requirements in mind. ContraFlex® can be supplied to fit a range of applications such as structural steel, valves and actuators, piping and process equipment. ContraFlex® UL1709 jacket thicknesses range from 50mm for temperature limits <100°C after 30 minutes, 61-75mm <50°C after 30 minutes and have been tested up to a total duration of 180 minutes.

Passive Fire Protection

ISO 20088-3 Cryogenic spill protection (liquid jet) plus ISO 22899

ContraFlex® is the first in class in this type of application for the LNG industry, qualifying ContraFlex® CSP/PFP jacket system at 75mm thick for the ISO2008-3 Cryogenic jet release testing followed by hydrocarbon jet fire. The system is designed for use on LNG projects globally to protect structural steel bolting areas, or where temperature doesn’t permit spray applied systems in the field, valves, flanges and associated piping.

BS476 Jackets

BS476 and bespoke fire / hot-smoke testing

ContraFlex® jackets have been tested to a wide range of bespoke testing standards for new industry applications. The ContraFlex® R&D team ensure jackets are qualified with industry leading type approval documentation where required from Lloyd’s Register, DNV or ABS. This test methodology has been used to qualify ContraFlex® products across a range of tunnel applications from riser couplings, landing valves and hot smoke protection of actuators where the requirement is 60-120 minutes protection against hot smoke of 250-400°C.


Valves and Actuators


ContraFlex® is applied on a range of valves and actuators as a fast-fit, removable system for UL1709 protection (actuators) and ISO22899 protection for valve and actuator assemblies. For complex assemblies, ContraFlex® benefits from its first fit velcro type hook and loop fastening, which allows all pieces to be fitted before lacing the whole system shut. Range of actuator jackets available for electric, pneumatic, hydraulic etc.

Piping and trace-heated pipelines

Piping and trace heating

In some instances, ContraFlex® is used on pipelines instead of conventional insulation materials plus cladding, especially when lead times are an issue, or site installation campaigns are restricted due to cold weather or time pressures. ContraFlex® can be made in a variety of lengths and include elbows, tees and other fittings.

Valves, Flanges and grayloc connectors

Valves, flanges and connectors

ContraFlex® is supplied to a huge variety of flanges and valves in all sizes and pressure ratings. ContraFlex® can provide up to 180 minutes protection.

Vessels and KO Drums

Vessels and KO drums

Where non-intrusive inspection (NII) Is required on vessels and knock-out drums, ContraFlex® provides a simple, fast fit, removable solution for vessels where access to certain areas are required for inspection. The jackets also offer a higher degree of temperature application range compared to intumescent coatings.

Vessel Skirts and Saddles

Leak detection

Vessel skirts are often fireproofed using ContraFlex® PFP where hot vessels transfer too much heat onto the saddles or skirts for intumescent type coatings, or in cold climates where damage occurs on conventional fireproofing from vibration or cracking. ContraFlex® can be retrofitted over failed PFP systems to provide a fast-fix.

Vessel nozzles and manways

Vessel Nozzle

Vessel nozzles and manways are often left uncoated by conventional spray applied coatings or insulation cladding. ContraFlex® provides the ideal solution for the removable nozzles and manways. ContraFlex® allows easy access to the flanges during maintenance and can be reused.

Risers (out of splash zone)

Risers outside of the splash zone can be protected using ContraFlex® PFP. Often, our ContraFlame® Phenolic C50 system is used to coat the riser in the splash zone and up to the first ESDV or hub connection, with ContraFlex® installed to all equipment thereafter.

Riser couplings and landing valves (tunnels)

BS476 Jackets

ContraFlex® has recently been used in tunnel transmission applications as a fire protection material for risers, landing valves and couplings. The system provides protection against BS476 type testing.

Actuators (tunnels)

HVAC dampers are often protected against hot smoke for requirements up to 120 minutes protection against 250 or 400°C. ContraFlex® can be used by actuator companies and damper manufacturers as a bolt-on solution.

Structural steel

Structual steel

Though ContraFlex® is not the first-choice structural steel fire protection material, it is often used as a retrofit solution. An example of this is where paint systems are specified and applied before PFP areas are defined, and the removal and re-application of fireproofing coatings has serious time and cost impact. For fabric maintenance purposes ContraFlex® provides a simple and effective solution.

Long-bolt flanges/ butterfly valves


ContraFlex® acoustic jackets are used to reduce noise levels on site, especially important for congested areas and gas plants. Acoustic jackets can be applied to valves, piping, compressors, expanders and pipe supports to minimise noise and vibration.


ContraFlex® is manufactured in easy to handle pieces, that fit directly around complex shapes to integrate with other PFP systems on separators and reboilers. The jacket system is fastened first using velcro-type fastening to hold all pieces in place before lacing is used to finish the system.

Riser hub connections / riser turret

riser hub

ContraFlex® can be applied to turret connections and riser hubs as protection against fire and blast scenarios inside the turret of an FPSO or topside module. ContraFlex® can be used directly onto equipment or around framing supplied by our team to incorporate other junction boxes and equipment.

Hydrocrackers / reboilers


Large vessels can be fireproofed using ContraFlex® panels. Where necessary, our team can provide fixing solutions to ensure materials are held securely onto the vessel body. Our system comes with panel type jet fire approval with corner and edge features tested.

Retrofitting modules

Actuators (tunnels)

Fabric maintenance is the perfect match for ContraFlex® PFP where old fireproofing needs replacement with a quick solution. We provide fabric maintenance across all business sectors.

Cable trays and junction boxes

cable tray

Cable trays and junction boxes often have more stringent temperature rise requirements than other PFP applications. Our ContraFlex® System has been tested to achieve less than 60°C temperature rise after 60 minutes hydrocarbon pool fire on a junction box assembly.



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