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Manuplas: protection and buoyancy products

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Manuplas, an Advanced Insulation company specialise in manufacturing and supplying a range of floatation and protection products for the worldwide marine and offshore energy markets.

Manuplas was founded on 2003 and in April 2014 became part of the Advanced Insulation Group of Companies.  Manuplas currently have two factories located in Plymouth, UK which house some of the best production facilities within the industry.  Manuplas’ in-house design and development team provide innovative bespoke solutions from concept to manufactured product with their sprayed, cast and moulded polymer systems.

The Manuplas marine product range includes mooring buoys, marker buoys, floating fenders, boat fendering, rope protection and cable protection.  Through substantial investment in research and development, Manuplas’ product range now includes market leading solutions for the rapidly growing offshore industry, where lightweight buoyancy materials for subsea applications are requested.  Products include installation buoyancy, engineered buoyancy, protection products, clamping solutions and overbending mitigation.