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Standardised fendering reduces vessel downtime

Our Manuplas® division worked with a UK-based customer to develop a standardised bow fender system for their wind farm service vessel fleet. Our customer was experiencing delays in replacing damaged fenders on their vessels that was beginning to impact service levels (they operate a crew transfer fleet of 30 vessels in the UK offshore industry).

Having a single fender design that has commonality across many vessels enables the fenders to be interchanged between vessels, if they become worn or damaged – fenders can even be moved from one project (which potentially may be in a different location) to another to ensure there are no delays. Our customer has reported that their vessels are now back in service within 36 hours after swapping fenders between vessels, rather than the project having to be put on hold, whilst waiting for a replacement fender to be made.

To ensure the fenders fitted each vessel in the fleet, our experienced marine team designed a plate with a standard bolt fixing configuration.

Our fenders are manufactured from a lightweight high performance physically cross-linked polyethylene foam. They are up to 60% lighter than traditional rubber D-fenders making them quicker and easier to install or interchange between vessels. Coated with a polyurethane coating they are resistant to impact – this is particularly important for our customer to ensure their vessels are not damaged when operating in variable weather conditions and at risk of contact with the wind turbine.

If you operate a wind farm vessel or a vessel fleet and need a fendering solution, contact us today or look at our full range of vessel fendering now.

bow fender system
bow fender system

Sprayed bow fendering supplied for application to wind farm service vessels

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