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Conditions are harsh for the subsea offshore oil and gas industry. With a corrosive environment, high pressures and temperatures, only certified and tested equipment can provide the level of trust you need. With this in mind, Advanced Insulation provide innovative insulation and protection solutions:

Subsea-Insulation-300pxSubsea thermal insulation

ContraTherm® subsea thermal insulation from Advanced Insulation improves flow assurance for subsea structures by way of reducing the formation of hydrate plugs and wax build-ups. ContraTherm® C25 and C55 have been engineered to meet the most technically demanding subsea insulation environments, suitable for tolerating the high temperature and pressure extremes.

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Subsea-Buoyancy-300pxSubsea buoyancy and protection

Advanced Insulation offer a range of market leading subsea buoyancy solutions alongside moulded polyurethane products which offer protection from environmental factors. Buoyancy and protection products are manufactured from syntactic lightweight materials that can be used in depths in excess of 3000MSW.

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Subsea-Markers-300pxSubsea anti-fouling markers

The C.TAG/® range of subsea markers are non-toxic, highly visible, long lasting and anti-fouling: ideal for the harsh subsea environment. C.TAG/® has been stated as the next generation of underwater marker systems which facilitates the need for greater surveillance and improved subsea monitoring. With the growth of deepwater oil production, remote and harsher environments, low light conditions and turbid water conditions, C.TAG/® can offer greater visibility and easier identification methods for ROV operators.

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