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C.Tag/® applications

C.TAG/® comes with an innovative adhesive compatible backing material integrally moulded during the patented manufacturing process. This allows the marker to be bonded to various substrates (steel, PVC, glass flake epoxy, neoprene etc) using C.TAG/® UW2 adhesive.

For some applications it is more convenient to mechanically fix the C.TAG/® in place. In this instance C.TAG/® is supplied glued to a flexible Strap with slots for using either cable ties or Q Band (a proprietary strapping system) to fasten the marker in place. In the case of Q Band, tensioning and cutting tools are required for fixing markers to large diameter pipes. Strapped markers can be fixed to small diameter pipes and tightened by hand using protective gloves.

C.TAG/® can be bonded to ABS sheet/GRP Flexible strapping for fixing using the following methods : Adhesive Fixing

Alternative CTAG marker fixing

Alternative CTAG marker fixing

Clamp installation of CTAG

Clamp installation of CTAG

Varied Choice of Specification:

Colour – C.TAG/® markers come with black lettering on a fluorescent yellow background or red lettering on a white background. Pictograms and logos in three colours can also be incorporated.

Sizes and Text – Marker size can be up to 1000mm x 1400mm in one piece or longer by using several sections. Mimic diagrams, dials and irregular shapes can be accommodated. Character height from 6mm to 500mm. Default text is Helvetica Bold but other fonts are available with all characters 300 microns in depth. Standard marker thickness is 6mm, but 3mm and 8mm can also be produced for certain applications.

Locations and water depths:

Advanced Insulation has supplied C.TAG/® subsea markers to a number of varying projects and subsea depths:

Operator Project Location Water Depth (m)
Exxon Neftegas Sakhalin 1 Arkutun Dagi GBS Offshore Russia 35
Dong Energy Oselvar North Sea 70
BP Taurt I Mediterranean Sea 108
BP Taurt II Mediterranean Sea 108
BP Tmists Offshore Angola
Statoil Hydro Troll North Sea 330
Mariner Energy Balboa Gulf of Mexico 1052
Dong Energy Trym North Sea 65
Statoil Hydro Gjoa North Sea 380

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