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Advanced Insulation designs and manufactures innovative silicone based high visibility underwater markers.

The technology behind the non-toxic anti-fouling performance is achieved by the production of a low surface energy face on the marker. This is the result of extensive research and development in both the base materials and their moulding performance and the development of a patented manufacturing process. The environmental performance of C.TAG/® material does not incorporate any biocides and therefore has zero effect on the marine environment.

Non-Toxic Anti-Fouling Properties = Zero Effect on Environment

C.TAG/® is 100% non-toxic and therefore offers peace-of mind environmental support, protecting ocean ecology. The advanced anti-fouling performance has been achieved by extensive research and development in both base materials, gained over 10 years testing in ultra-harsh fouling conditions in an estuary. The development of the manufacturing process and moulding process has resulted in several patent grants.

High Visibility

C.TAG/® base material silicone coupled with fluorescent dyes meets all operational requirements and maintains greater visibility over longer periods.


The base material used in the production of C.TAG/® has been tested subsea for over 10 years with excellent results.

Damage Tolerance and Extreme Pressure

C.TAG/® comes with protective covers for use during installation and offers UV protection for extreme sunlight conditions and protection from the yard environment (e.g. weld spatter). The base silicone used in C.TAG/® is extremely durable to both sharp and heavy pressure and can withstand a major impact from an ROV or other device. C.TAG/® and its fixing applications have been pressure tested and the results showed zero deterioration, no visual difference, neither was there any hardening of the materials used in C.TAG/®.

Withstand High and Low Temperatures

C.TAG/® and C.TAG/® UW2 adhesive can withstand temperatures between -40°C and +120°C. Efficient Ordering and Processing Advanced Insulation can quote from drawings and can make recommendations for the type of fixing method required for the marker.

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