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Clamping solutions

Advanced Insulation design and manufacture a wide range of clamping systems.

Our engineering team are able to provide bespoke designs to meet the ever increasing challenges of the offshore subsea environment, to cope with subsea or splash zone scenarios. Advanced Insulation have also introduced a standardised C.Shield® Atlas Piggyback System which is adaptable to a wide range of carrier pipe applications.

Piggyback saddles and clamps

Modular solutions for clamping or guiding additional cables, umbilicals and flow-lines to pipelines.

Advanced Insulation’s C.Shield® Atlas Piggyback Systems have been created with standardised components, capable of performing to the highest operational standards whilst significantly improving installation ease and safety.

The system is manufactured from marine grade polyproplyene components, injection moulded in standardised parts to precision tolerances. This dimensional accuracy allows Advanced Insulation to significantly reduce material usage and weight, creating a lightweight durable clamp, easily installed on deck or via diver intervention.

Materials of manufacture are selected by Advanced Insulation to comply with client specifications. These can vary dependant upon the performance requirements of the system once in situ. For example, for a high-performance banding system, an innovative strap tensioning mechanism is included in its design.

C.Shield® Atlas High Load Condition Clamp

C.Shield Atlas Piggyback Saddle System - Low Load Condition Clamp

C.Shield® Atlas Low Load Condition Clamp

C.Shield Atlas Piggyback Saddle System Guidance Carrier Locator

C.Shield® Atlas Guidance Carrier Locator

Bespoke Solutions for Specific Requirements:

The C.Shield® Atlas Piggyback Saddle System has three configurations:

  • High Load Condition Clamp
  • Low Load Condition Clamp
  • Guidance Carrier Locator

The product can be installed horizontally or vertically to a range of carrier pipe diameters from 14 to 40 inches.

The main body of the Atlas Piggyback Saddle System is injection moulded from a variety of polymer materials, to suit to load condition requirements.

Use of the system can save a significant amount of time for the project it is being applied to, keeping costs down and lead times short by using the same tooling.

Safe, Simple and Ease to Install

Through the use of composite banding and a retaining hoop, the H&S risks associated with other forms of banding and heavy tooling can be eliminated.

High load condition clamps use this banding to attach the piggyback to the pipeline via an incorporated ratchet mechanism with simply requires a torque wrench to operate. While the hoop and pins can be assembled using a standard rubber mallet.


The C.Shield® Atlas Piggyback Saddle System can be used for a wide range of applications, including: offshore oil and gas pipeline installation, offshore retrofit pipelines and risers and offshore wind farm marine cabling.


  • Lightweight (as low as 2.5kg)
  • Safe, simple and fast installation
  • The system can be configured as a guide or clamp
  • Designed to be configured with a single strap/band
  • Materials have a proven track record for subsea use
  • Different stand-off distances can be achieved by altering the retaining hoop position and use of a simple stand-off spacer
  • Can carry pipes up to five inches in diameter
  • Can be installed by subsea divers
  • Designed for project lifetimes
  • Suitable multiple banding types for all performance requirements
  • Base unit can be used individually or interconnected to multiple units
  • Resistant to seawater, UV exposure and fracture
  • Injection moulding manufacturing method ensures all parts confirm to tight geometric tolerances
  • Single design allows fitting to multiple project requirements and pipe diameters
  • Can be used in either a horizontal or vertical configuration

Optional Grommet Configuration:

The optional gromet is a unique feature allowing the user to specify the number, certification and size of the different cables and flowlines they want to clamp to a pipeline.

Unique Ratchet System and Interface Pads:

When used, an in-built ratchet system allows for quick and easy application and removability and eliminates the need for costly tensioning mechanisms.

The ratchet pins can be rotated using a torque wrench until the band is tightly mounted to the base of the pipe.

Its modular design also allows for interface pads to be added to the underside of the main piggyback body to optimise the interface with differing pipe coatings, achieving the required anti-slip performance requirements.

Retaining Hoop:

The hoop can be located at varying heights from the body, allowing standoff distance of ‘x’ to’y’. This will either act as a guide or when used with the integral grommet, as a clamp.

Additional Banding and Strap Options:

For high grip or load applications, a composite strap is specified that can be supplied in pre-cut lengths or rolls. This can be tensioned using an in-build ratchet mechanism assembles with a standard torque wrench.

For a high performance Piggyback, the banding utilised is a fibre reinforced polymer. It has established and successful track record in a subsea environment, it is cost effective and easy to install.

Banding options available include Alloy 625, Fibre Reinforced Polymers and Carbon Steel.

Interconnecting C.Shield Atlas Piggyback Clamps

Interconnecting C.Shield Atlas Piggyback Clamps

Compliant clamp technology

The specially developed compliant clamp technology by Advanced Insulation is innovatively designed to reduce tension load on subsea risers and umbilicals


  • Internal clamp
    • Designed to suit the specified loads and operating conditions and typically configured as 3-piece segments which are assembled and held together with a DBM Clamp Fastener assembly arrangement.
  • External buoyancy/ballast element
    • The buoyancy module is supplied as a two piece cylindrical product which fits around the internal clamp and is secured in place by means of suitable straps.


  • Internal clamp
    • Rubber inserts form a friction grip against the flexible riser and increase surface contact between the rubber insert and flexible riser/umbilical
    • Vertical bar retainer rubbers ensure the vertical bars are retained in the body of the clamp which prevent the vertical bars from dropping off before the holding bolts are engaged. They also prevent shell segments from twisting around when the clamp is being installed around the flexible riser and take away peak shock between multiple clamp when assembled in tandem application
    • Single and double clamp fastener arrangement methods available
  • External buoyancy element
    • The buoyancy unit core is designed to withstand the hydrostatic loads applicable at the specified water depth rating
    • Durable, long lasting polyethylene shell
    • Low maintenance design
    • Easy installation and release
    • Customised specifications to suit customer’s unique application
Distributed Buoyancy Module Clamp

Distributed Buoyancy Module Clamp

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