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Engineered buoyancy

Advanced Insulation manufactures buoyancy products designed to survive for the life of the field, whilst delivering market leading technical performance.

In floating production scenarios, buoyancy is used to configure subsea systems, mitigating unwanted loads and stresses. From shallow water PU foam solutions, to robust range of innovative deepwater syntactic foam products, Advanced Insulation leads the market with the lowest achievable foam densities and next generation efficient designs. Advanced Insulation undertakes extensive development and testing of its product range, adhering to API17L1 specification.

Distributed buoyancy

Advanced Insulation manufacture buoyancy and ballast modules complete with appropriate clamping systems engineered specifically to suit each riser scenario. These are known throughout the industry as Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBMs).

  • The Marine riser acts as an interface, connecting the static structures on the seabed with the dynamic floating structures on the surface. The riser itself can either be top tensioned, compliant or in some cases a hybrid of the two.
  • In compliant riser systems, which utilise rigid or flexible lines, buoyancy and ballast modules are employed to create an optimised configuration (e.g. Lazy wave, Steep wave) to relieve damaging tensions loads, enabling a long design life despite the arduous offshore conditions.

For further details of the Compliant Clamp Technology, click here>

Distributed Buoyancy Module Clamp

Distributed Buoyancy Module Clamp

Subsea umbilical floats with integral clamps and banding

Distributed buoyancy module complete with integral grommet clamp

Umbilical floats

Advanced Insulation offer a 2-piece wrap around flotation module for cables and control umbilicals. They can be used in combination with ROVs to maintain the necessary length of umbilical buoyancy below the surface or general umbilical requirements for cable or hose buoyancy. The floats are in two halves with an integral elastomer clamp assembly, configured to the OD of the cable / umbilical with water depth ratings available from shallow to 3000MSW. The flotation modules can be rated for operating depths from surface down to 3000MSW.


The flotation core component may be high performance syntactic foam for deepwater deployment or more light weight expanded polymer foams to maximise buoyancy yield in shallower waters, and may be cast within a rotationally moulded outer skin or a tough and durable sprayed elastomer.


  • Two piece purpose built flotation modules
  • Strapping location grooves incorporated
  • Overcentre latch fastening option for ease of assembly / installation
  • Polyurethane elastomer / steel clamp construction
  • Lightweight foam flotation core
  • Optional customer graphics
  • Axial load testing capability

Umbilical float showing integral clamp

Umbilical float showing integral clamp

Umbilical float with banding

Umbilical float with banding

ROV in deployment - photo courtesy of JFD

ROV buoyancy

Advanced Insulation offer a range of composite foam ROV buoyancy blocks for use in operating depths down to 6000MSW. Available for Manned, Autonomous and Remote Operated Vehicles.


  • PVC based copolymer foams are traditionally used for shallow water (<600MSW) deployment, where as pure syntactic foams available in Low density  variants are used for depths down to 6000MSW.
  • Composite syntactic foam core comprising injection moulded macrospheres encapsulated within a polyurethane based syntactic foam matrix.
  • The buoyancy blocks are laminated and then machined into customised complex shapes as required using in-house CNC machining facilities, enabling a fast turnaround from bespoke design to delivery. A light stable and wear resistant polyurethane based elastomer external coating is then applied to the client colour and surface finish specifications.
  • Alternatively pure syntactic foam blocks manufactured using high strength thermosetting resin incorporating hollow glass microspheres.


  • Lightweight Low-density and Ultra-low density syntactic foam cores provide exceptional buoyancy and enable reliable operational performance at deeper depths
  • Bespoke design and build
  • In-house CNC machining facilities
  • High performance polyurethane elastomer coating
  • Range of surface finishes available
  • Light stable topcoat
  • Optional customer graphics

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