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Installation buoyancy

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Advanced Insulation buoyancy products are used to assist offshore installation of pipelines and subsea equipment, and are critical to the successful deployment of field infrastructure.

Comprising a low density foam core protected by a durable polyethylene shell, our buoys are engineered and tested to withstand the harshest handling and hydrostatic operating conditions, whilst delivering the highest technical performance. The product range caters for every project requirement, and every depth, from the smallest trimming Modsyn floats to the largest modular buoys.

Subsea installation buoys for project assignment

Installation buoys

Advanced Insulation’s range of subsea installation buoys are designed to provide a general purpose solution to subsea buoyancy. Available in two standard sizes: 100kg and 500kg, water depth ratings between 250MSW and 3000MSW are available. The subsea installation buoys can be configured with a variety of through-hole arrangements or alternatively with pad eyes top and bottom. Bespoke sizes and dimensions are available upon request, customised to suit your particular requirements.


  • Ropes
  • Various through hole arrangements
  • Rotary moulded polyethylene outer shell
  • Cast syntactic foam core with a specification to suit the water depth

500kg subsea installation buoy

500kg subsea installation buoy

100kg subsea installation buoy

100kg subsea installation buoy

Modular buoys ready for delivery

Modular buoys

Advanced Insulation’s modular buoyancy solution provides support for mooring from surface to 3000MSW for suspended mooring, equipment installation and general offshore operations applications. Customisation is available to suit the particular requirements with three standard sizes available in multiple configurations:

  • MINI (1750mm x 1750mm Cross-section)
  • MIDI (2350mm x 2350mm Cross-section)
  • MAXI (3000mm x 3000mm Cross-section)

Individual buoyancy elements or complete buoys including central structural steelwork assemblies are also available and can be supplied with a variety of handling options.


  • The flotation core component maybe syntactic foam for deepwater deployment or more lightweight expanded polymer foams to maximise buoyancy yield in shallow waters.
  • Cast with a robust impact resistant rotationally moulded external shell.


  • Modular design, 1-40T of nett buoyancy
  • MINI, MIDI and MAXI industry standard sizes
  • Compartmentalised design for greater protection
  • Flat sides to facilitate stable storage and tight operational configurations
  • Easily adjustable to meet specific buoyancy requirement
  • Interlocking design to eliminate rotation during operation
  • Modular design allows easy buoyancy element change-out in damage events
  • Ease of repair
  • Central structural steelwork
  • Lightweight foam flotation cores
    Maxi modular buoy

    Maxi modular buoy

Midi modular buoy

Midi modular buoy

Mini modular buoy

Mini modular buoy

Modular pipe laying floats

Pipe laying floats

Pipe Laying Floats are primarily used as temporary buoyancy modules strapped to a pipeline to reduce the tension and weight in the pipeline during the installation process for surface or deepwater pipeline installation applications. Advanced Insulation can offer a number of solutions tailored to fit a customer’s specific requirements with the following configurations:

  • Single piece unit configured with either an open through hole or with a through chain and shackles to assist with handling operations.
  • Modular float configuration consisting of multiple individual units secured together with a central through pipe complete with pad eyes each end.

Both configurations have strap/band recess built into the buoyancy units to locate bands used to secure the buoys to the pipeline. A range of depth ratings are available from surface to 3000MSW.


  • Modular Float configurations consist of multiple individual units secured together with a central through rigid bar complete with pad eyes each end.
    • PUSAD: Rotary Moulded Polyethylene (PE) Shell, Polyurethane (PU Foam Filled Core)
      • Cost effective
      • Modular configuration enabling adjustment to suit project
      • Easily replaceable if damaged
      • Shallow depths down to 250MSW
    • SYNSAD: Rotary Moulded Polyethylene (PE) Shell, Syntactic Foam Core
      • High performance
      • Range of densities available to suit required depth rating
      • Deep water installation from 250MSW – 3000MSW
    • EPSAD: Closed Cell Expanded Polymer (EP) Saddles c/w PU Elastomer Sprayed Skin
      • Lightweight & consistent foam
      • Low water absorption
      • Sprayed with durable polyurethane elastomer skin – impact/abrasion resistant
      • Variety of lengths available to suit buoyancy needs
      • Density can be varied to suit the required depth rating
      • Cross-section dimensions sized to best suit shipping by container
      • Configuration options include open through hole, chain through and rigid bar
      • Chamfered ends available
  • Single Piece Custom Floats
    • Depending on preferred handling methods, single piece units can be configured with an open through hole, a through chain and shackle assembly or a rigid central pipe with pad eyes each end.
    • In the event of a low volume or bespoke requirement alternative materials are available.

Banding Options:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Inconel Stainless Steel
  • SMART bands


  • Standardised modular design rotationally moulded external shell
  • Modular configurations enable the number of modules to be adjusted to suit project requirements
  • Damaged modules easily replaced at minimal cost and intervention
  • Designed to accommodate all subsea pipeline diameters
  • Integral strap grooves and ease of access for quick release
  • Robust and impact resistant external shell
  • Lightweight foam flotation core
  • Easy to release by divers or ROVs
  • Interlocking spigot and cuff designs available
PUSAD Pipe laying float illustration with banding

PUSAD Pipe laying float illustration with banding

Modsyn Subsurface Floats

Modsyn subsurface floats

Advanced Insulation’s Modsyn subsurface floats provide a solution for subsea buoyancy where small amounts of tethered buoyancy is required. Applications include umbilical and cable support, installation aids or trimming buoyancy. Modsyn subsurface floats are available in 3 standard sizes with range of depth ratings available from surface to 3000MSW. Modsyns can be configured with either a central through hole or with fixed eye top and bottom.


  • Tough impact/abrasion resistant rotationally moulded polyethylene shell
  • High performance composite syntactic foam core
  • Internal Through Hole Ø40mm
  • Optional: galvanised metalwork


  • Durable high quality construction
  • Versatile
  • Rotary moulded polyethylene skin formulated to provide UV resistance
  • Simple to attach through central hole either using steelwork or ties
  • Cost effective buoyancy solution for a wide variety of subsea operations
  • Colour coding available for depth identification
  • Optional in-moulded customer graphics
  • Recessed lifting slots
  • Flat surface to assist on-board stability and handling
Modsyn subsurface float 29

Modsyn subsurface float 29

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