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ContraTherm® C55 is a multi-layer syntactic phenolic composite system with properties that can be tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Syntactic foams have been used in the offshore industry for more than 30 years and have become one of the key materials used in ever more demanding subsea applications. The low thermal conductivity and robust mechanical structure of ContraTherm® C55 are ideally suited for subsea thermal insulation applications.

C55 syntactic phenolic cross section example

C55 syntactic phenolic cross section example

C55 construction

Phenolic resins are widely used in high temperature applications and are the acknowledged choice for elevated service temperatures. Advanced Insulation recommends the C55 Series for service on less dynamic applications such as Xmas trees, manifolds, supported jumpers and pipeline end terminations.

The system comprises of a tie coat layer that adheres to the substrate with layers of C55 phenolic insulation foam. A phenolic composite laminate is then applied with a final epoxy flow coat.

ContraTherm C55 micrograph image

Micrograph of C55 foam

Glass microspheres

The excellent thermal performance and high hydrostatic pressure capability of C55 insulation foam is provided by the presence of specially developed glass microspheres supported in the phenolic resin. The microspheres are microscopic closed cells of borosilicate glass which exhibit very stable insulation properties over long term environmental exposure. The phenolic binder does not absorb water and any voids between the microspheres and the resin represent an almost insignificant volume into which water can ingress. Advanced Insulation has tested for and established the maximum water absorption of the C55 insulation foam which occurs when the bare foam is exposed to highly pressurised water.

ContraTherm® C55 applications

C55 ambient curing properties make the system ideal for direct application to equipment on construction or manufacturing sites globally. The hand applied application methodology combined with the minimum requirement for complex application equipment, and the absence of mould tooling, ensures C55 is a very flexible material to apply from a scheduling perspective; a benefit where complex equipment build programmes are involved.

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