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Christmas trees and metering

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Christmas tree with insulated componentsLogo for ContraTherm- Advanced Insulation's unique system for insulation of subsea equipment used in offshore oil and gas production

Christmas trees and metering modules provide the most complex shape structures that require insulation.

The two structures tend to contain numerous electrical and hydraulic line connections which must be accommodated with the insulation design and are also present in a larger structural frame. The structures tend to be forged valve structures bolted together and contain shorter complex pipe arrangements with multiple bends and flanged connections. Choke and connection systems are also present on trees to add to the design complexity.

Both ContraTherm® C25 and C55 are ideal products for trees and metering systems. Their cold curing, low shrinkage attributes offer defined thicknesses with minimised internal stress loadings that guarantee a secure joint between mouldings that are often complex in shape and loading condition. There is also no risk of the moulding process distorting sealed connections between components. Both materials are readily applied over bolted flange terminations and across varying types on connection system. Advanced Insulation can supply separate removable choke and tree cap covers where required. Such structures generally have painted anti corrosion coatings and both ContraTherm® products have been qualified for use with the paints most commonly used in the market.

Christmas Trees tend to be insulated in factory premises close to the point of manufacture however environmental challenges can still occur. Advanced Insulation has successfully completed tree insulation in the cold territories such as the UK, hot and humid climates such as Gulf of Mexico, Malaysia, Australia and in hot and remote territories such as Brazil, Nigeria and Angola.

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