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Engineered insulation covers

Engineered insulation covers represent a multitude of applications from pipe line flange covers to doghouses used on some connection systems that do not incorporate an integral housing.

Essentially a free standing insulation structure an engineering cover will be a set of pre-moulded insulation shapes that insulate a given component once they are fitted into position. The design of an engineered cover is dependent on a number of considerations:

  • Sealing
  • Connection Mechanism
  • Buoyancy and Ballasting
  • Handling Interface

The cover is designed to retain water around the insulated structure which is then heated in service; the seal is critical in retaining the heated water in position. Close tolerance mouldings are required to enable the correct working of the sealing system. The remaining considerations all focus on the fitting of the cover to the structure and whether this is done topsides or subsea, and if subsea by a diver, ROV or running tool mechanism. Covers need to be designed considering subsea weight from any connection system offset by the buoyancy of the insulation material, manoeuvrability subsea and the ease of location for use within the installation methodology.

Both ContraTherm® C25 and C55 are ideal products for engineering covers with both mouldable to tight tolerances due to the lack of shrinkage. The ambient curing system used by both materials also allows for the production of very large mouldings in single pieces.

Engineered insulation cover

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