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Logo for ContraTherm- Advanced Insulation's unique system for insulation of subsea equipment used in offshore oil and gas production

Advanced Insulation’s ContraTherm® thermal insulation system has been specifically developed to meet the need for a resilient material capable of tolerating the high temperature and pressure extremes required for offshore oil and gas production.
Insulating subsea equipment reduces the cooling of reservoir fluids and maintains them above temperatures at which waxes and hydrates may form, thereby minimising the risk of diminished flow rates and blockages.

Insulation may be applied to subsea equipment including but not limited to pipelines, Xmas trees, manifolds, jumper spools, pipe line end terminations and flange connections. As oil and gas production extracts fluids of ever increasing temperatures from deeper waters and at longer tie-back distances from the host structure, the benefit of insulating subsea equipment becomes increasingly apparent.

0 ºC
Fluid temperatures
0 msw
Water depth

With fluid temperatures approaching 180ºC (356ºF) and at water depths approaching 3,000 msw (10,000 fsw) the need for a high temperature, high pressure insulation material capable of withstanding such environmental extremes becomes a consideration of paramount importance.

ContraTherm® C25 and C55 comparisons

Property C25 Series Syntactic Silicone C55 Series Syntactic Phenolic
Density (kgs/m³) 780-820 600-850
Thermal conductivity: Dry (W/mK) 0.15-0.16 0.14-0.17
Thermal conductivity: Aged (W/mK)∗ 0.16-0.18 0.19-0.22
Specific heat capacity (J/KgK) 1300-1700 1700-2200
Maximum service temperature (°C) 150 185
Maximum operating depth (msw) 3000 3000
Hardness 70 Shore A 50 Shore D

∗ Aged data is based upon long term exposure testing of un-faced foam having been exposed on all sides and represents the worst case scenario.

NOTE: The above information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes on our products and their properties. It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application. The values are subject to changes without notice, please consult with us prior to the application.

ContraTherm-C25-cross-section-300pxC25 Syntactic silicone subsea insulation

Silicone resins offer a highly flexible, high temperature insulation system that is fast becoming the recognised solution for dynamic application service. Advanced Insulation recommends the C25 Series for service on dynamic applications such as production jumpers, tie in spools and steel risers.

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C55 Syntactic phenolic subsea insulation

Phenolic resins are widely used in high temperature applications and are the acknowledged choice for elevated service temperatures. Advanced Insulation recommends the C55 Series for service on less dynamic applications such as Xmas trees, manifolds, supported jumpers and pipeline end terminations.

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