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Oil and gas

We have developed innovative systems to solve the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry, specific to offshore topside facilities. With award winning lightweight solutions to protect offshore equipment and personnel from jet fire and hydrocarbon pool fire, and also to provide combined thermal and / or acoustic insulation, there’s no wonder why Advanced Insulation products have been qualified and used worldwide by major oil and gas companies, associated engineering houses and construction yards:

Advanced Insulation offers topside passive fire protection and insulation along with blast and fire wall protection:


Topside fire protection and insulation

Advanced Insulation provides 3 innovative systems for providing fire protection and insulation for offshore oil and gas: ContraFlame® , ContraFlex® and FlexiChar®.

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Topside blast and fire protection

Advanced Insulation has developed a system that can provide blast, fire protection and insulation for high risk areas protecting both personnel and equipment when the need arises. The ContraBlast® fire wall and blast wall system provides up to 1.5 Bar  blast pressure, 120 minute hydrocarbon pool fire and 120 minute jetfire protection.

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