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Blast and fire wall protection

ContraBlast® Blast & Fire Wall Protection provides a robust lightweight solution for passive fire protection, thermal and blast protection. ContraBlast® panels are manufactured using Advanced Insulation’s award winning MS400 lightweight syntactic phenolic foam as the core material reinforced with a laminate matrix. A purpose designed multi layer laminate skin is used as a weather proof outer cover. A vacuum resin transfer (VRT) process is used to infuse the components with phenolic resin ensuring a robust bonded integral panel formed without the need for adhesives.

The ContraBlast® system offers over a 50% weight saving against the conventional steel blast wall and the system comes with either a H120 or JF120 fire rating. The system provides resistance to blast pressures of up to 1.5 Bar with the added benefit of space saving in excess of 60%. The panel system is fitted as a dry/cold construction with no welding or extra coatings required and is modular making it easy to incorporate into new design applications or for retrofit to existing projects.

ContraBlast® design options

Design Panel Size
(W x H)
Blast Pressure Range Fire Rating & DNV Certification Approx. Nominal Thickness U-Value Approx. Weight Excluding Hinge
ContraBlast® MS400 Wind load 1.2m x 2.48m Wind load H60 50mm 21kg/m2
ContraBlast® MS400 Wind Load 1.2m x 5m Wind load H60 & J60 110mm 26kg/m2
ContraBlast® 0.5 Bar MS400 1.2m x 2.48m 0.5 Bar H60 & J60 110mm 41kg/m2
ContraBlast® 1.0 Bar MS400 1.2m x 2.48m 1.0 Bar H120 & J120 110mm 0.33W/m2K 46kg/m2
ContraBlast® 1.5 Bar MS400 1.2m x 2.48m 1.5 Bar H120 & J120 110mm 0.33W/m2K 54kg/m2
ContraBlast® 1.0 Bar MS400 Long Span 1.2m x 5.0m 1.0 Bar H120 & J120 127mm 78kg/m2


ContraBlast panel cut-through 0.2 bar


ContraBlast panel cut-through 0.5 bar

Blast and fire wall protection
ContraBlast assembly

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