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Flexible joints

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Advanced Insulation’s ContraFlame® C20 Silicone Flexible Joint provides integrated insulation and passive fire protection (PFP) capable of withstanding harsh offshore weather conditions whilst providing acoustic, blast, thermal and fire protection.

The system is based on a unique syntactic silicone, pre-moulded into a U-shaped joint which is bolted between modules, allowing the required movement between the modules but also providing integral fire protection to offshore facilities. This system provides flexibility where rigid type PFP systems are not suitable. Advanced Insulation have been providing silicone-based subsea insulation for over 10 years which has led to the research and development of innovative silicone based PFP.


Different Flexible Joint constructions are available depending on your specific requirement:

  • C20 Flexible Joint is a syntactic silicone with mesh
  • Joints can be manufactured in a variety of dimensions to suit the application
  • Up to 60mm horizontal and vertical movement within stress concentration limits
  • Designed for low maintenance and ‘life in field’
  • Absorbs stresses due to movements
  • Can be formed into multiple shapes such as tees and elbows
  • Straight lengths can be up to 2 metres on length


  • Integrated passive fire protection (PFP) and insulation
  • Jet fire protection to J120 and High Heat Flux i.e HHF15
  • Hydrocarbon fire protection H60
  • Blast protection up to 0.36 bar
  • Acoustic Rw sound reduction index of 42dB
  • Strength limit 3.8Mpa
  • Tested to ISO 22899-1
  • Blast overpressure resistance
  • Gas tight
  • Witness report by Lloyd’s Register and DNV-GL
Flexible joint

Flexible joint

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