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Flexible riser protection

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  • ContraFlame C20 flexible riser protetion
  • ContraFlame C20 flexible riser protetion with tooling

Advanced Insulation’s Flexible ContraFlame® PFP C20 Splash Zone Riser Protection coating provides integrated insulation and passive fire protection (PFP) for effective protection in splash and tidal zone areas. Able to withstand the harsh offshore environmental conditions whilst providing high integrity corrosion protection.

ContraFlame® PFP C20 Splash Zone Riser Protection from Advanced Insulation is a flexible silicone material which provides integrated insulation and passive fire protection (PFP) capable of withstanding harsh offshore weather conditions whilst providing high integrity corrosion protection. The system is based on a unique syntactic silicone, moulded directly onto flexible riser pipework. This system provides flexibility where rigid type PFP systems are not suitable and excellent resistance to jet fire. Advanced Insulation have been providing silicone based subsea insulation for over 10 years which has led to the research and development of innovative silicone based PFP. The C20 system is designed to meet all current operator fire safety specifications with the most typical applications providing Jet Fire Protection for both 60 and 120 minutes whilst maintaining a critical core temperature below 300°C.

ContraFlame® PFP C20 Splash Zone Riser Protection is unique and unlike other PFP solutions the C20 system has been designed to be installed as one complete joint less system designed to prevent corrosion of the items it is protecting and only fully bonded systems are capable of doing this. The ContraFlame® system suitable for full immersion to -5 metres below LAT and capable of resisting temperature ranges from + 150º to -40ºC and cycling experienced.

C20 system is a flexible PFP material that is capable of absorbing the stresses applied through structure movements in service. Stresses are caused by the movement of the pipe structures through thermal expansion at elevated operating temperatures, pipe deflections and natural movement. The material will absorb such stresses without cracking or buckling.

The combined features of C20 system not only deliver safety critical passive fire protection but also provide long term corrosion protection which contribute to an increase in the life of the asset and a significant reduction in ongoing maintenance costs.


  • The application of the C20 syntactic silicone material is undertaken by clamping moulds of the correct diameter around the structure to be insulated. The mould is filled with the material which is allowed to cure before the moulds are removed. Typical applications take place in three stages.


  • A combined system providing Passive Fire Protection, Insulation and Corrosion Prevention
  • Cold Curing process
  • Improved toughness
  • 70% elongation to break
  • No Hydrolysis
  • Zero Shrinkage
  • No exotherm during casting
  • High Temperature performance up to + 150º
  • Good adhesion (to substrate and to self)
  • Can accommodate expansion, contraction and vibration of the steel pipework without sustaining damage
  • Tested to ISO 22899-1 Jet Fire protection for 120 minutes
  • Low density
  • The system is suitable for the splash and tidal zones and down to -5 metres below LAT
  • The system is designed for “life of field” operation, which in normal operating conditions will be in excess of 30 years


ContraFlame C20 JF120 system

ContraFlame C20 JF120 system

C20 System Fully Bonded
MATERIAL C20 syntactic silicone
113.5oC temp rise after 60 mins
264.1oC temp rise after 120 mins
THERMAL INSULATION Thermal Conductivity 0.139 W/m-1K-1
Heat retention & condensation prevention
INTEGRITY High integrity corrosion protection
Suitable for splash zone & -5 metres below LAT
Brownfield retrofit projects – with the ability to cure underwater
Field Joints