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What is ContraFlex?

What is ContraFlex? 2017-12-19T12:43:24+00:00
  • ContraFlex flange jacket jet fire testing
  • ContraFlex column skirt cover
  • Large vessel structure
  • ContraFlex piping protection
  • ContraFlex hydrocarbon pool fire test
Logo for ContraFlex- Flexible jackets for passive fire protection and insulation

Advanced Insulation’s ContraFlex® offers a range of tailor-made flexible fire protection and insulation jackets that have design approval from Lloyd’s Register, DNV and/or ABS as standard. Certification currently covers tubular jet fire scenarios, corners and edge features, planar applications as well as hydrocarbon pool fire scenarios on assemblies and structural steel. The ContraFlex® range has been tested according to ISO 22899-1:2007 and UL 1709 which makes ContraFlex® the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. ContraFlex® insulation jackets offer heat conservation, personnel protection, high temperature and acoustic protection for personnel safety and energy efficiency.

ContraFlex® has been extensively tested on a wide range of applications with a large amount of research and development spent on section factor (Hp/A) analysis in piping. By considering the Hp/A (heated perimeter/area), this is particularly important in small bore piping that inherently heats up quicker due to the wall thickness.

Advanced Insulation supply ContraFlex® passive fire protection and insulation jackets for a wide range of applications. The jackets are custom-made to suit the specific requirements; jet fire, hydrocarbon fire, blast or insulation, including high temperature, acoustic or leak detection. Customisation is also available for insulation jackets in the form of trace heating and chemical safety shields along with fastening variations, choices of cloth and infill dependent on location and temperature of services.

Bespoke Service

To meet the requirements of the client, Advanced Insulation offer a bespoke service, which includes survey, design, manufacture and installation.


Advanced Insulation provide a full site survey for PFP and insulation jacket replacement and new installations. Site supervision is also available if required.


ContraFlex® is manufactured in the form of a jacket. The thickness of the jacket can vary to suit the requirements of the application. Manufacturing of the jackets can be undertaken at any of Advanced Insulation’s facilities in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Korea and Brazil to meet the capacity and time-scales of the project.


Full installation instructions can be supplied with each jacket, detailing how the components fit together around the structure/application. The jackets are held in place by simple fastening systems, such as stainless steel fixings, straps and / or hook and loop tape. Both ContraFlex® and the fixings are designed to be easily removable for maintenance, yet are suitable to withstand exposure either offshore or onshore locations.

ContraFlex® applications

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