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Two ContraFlex® products combined to provide effective solution offshore Malaysia

The challenge

Samsung Heavy Industries provided a unique challenge for Advanced Insulation Korea (AIK), requiring cold conservation
jackets in combination with Passive Fire Protection (PFP) for jet fire scenarios up to 15 minutes. Located offshore near Malaysia, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility was fully scoped in order to provide the most effective solution.

The real challenge was to provide a solution which incorporated two concepts and combining them into one standalone product. Further to this, the application of these types of jackets was relatively new for AIK, thereby requiring significant technical research to produce the optimal solution.

Our solution 

To provide the customer with their specification, our proposed solution consisted of Cryogenic insulation in conjunction with our PFP jackets. Cryogel Z, provided by Aspen Aerogel has a lower k-value than other insulation materials on the market, resulting in less material required for the same desired effect. The application method is simple; the Cryogel Z insulation is installed using foil tape and vapour barriers, as per the Aspen Aerogel recommended application procedure.

The system is finished with a weather protection layer before the installation of our Contraflex® JF45 jacket. JF45 jackets have been tested to provide up to 45 minutes of jet fire protection and operate efficiently at all temperatures, including extreme cold environments. Installation is a straightforward process, allowing for quick maintenance checks when required.

ContraFlex insulation


The solution provided was very well received by Samsung Heavy Industries and they were pleased with the overall quality
and finish of the product. They were impressed with how AIK managed to combine two different technologies to provide one
homogeneous solution.

The quick and easy installation of our product was important for Samsung Heavy Industries, as being able to train their employees to perform this activity in the future was a key consideration. The design also allows for continued usage of the jackets after maintenance checks, an important feature for the customer. Our technical expertise ensured a smooth end-to-end delivery of the project, resulting with another satisfied customer.

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